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Home Movie: 97165: Family Pictures, Reel 2

Published Unknown

To come.

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Reviewer: Spuzz - - February 20, 2015
Subject: What a way to start
This movie has a TON of home movie goodness crammed into it it's so hard to describe, filmed (I think?) in lovely Kodachrome, this has vibrant crisp colors in it that makes it a joy to watch from beginning to end. Highlights include the girl swinging on the bars in scene #1! The amazing recreations of musical scenes from movies (or maybe plays!). These were silent, anyone know what these were? The amazing shots on the waterfront and the trip to Coronado. Very nice, highly reccomended!
Reviewer: UnknownCity - - January 13, 2014
Subject: Lots of 60s-era film of families and kids
This roll is primarily shots of families and kids. Some cute moments of both elementary school age boys and girls being goofy, as well as some random moments of family and adults goofing off at what appear to be unrelated family events. Extended sequences of: A boy and a girl doing what appears to be an Arabian Nights kind of play, which then becomes dancing; two boys blowing bubbles; a Santa Claus visit in some warm climate (California or Florida, given the palm trees); a father and son on a beach stroll; and some theme park. Good filler for nostalgia-driven montages.
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